Avalanche por Jack Drummond

Avalanche por Jack Drummond

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Jack DrummondNOTHING CAN STOP IT Every year thousands flock to the exclusive ski resort of Hauts des Aigles to watch the Race du Diable - the most exciting and dangerous downhill race in the world. This year six champions will compete for the prize - a rare diamond worth $12 million, donated by a mysterious Russian billionaire. NO ONE CAN STAND IN ITS PATH But it is not only the six racers who will risk their lives in the coming days. Caught up in their own secret plots and passions, visitors and townsfolk alike are oblivious to the silent killer waiting for them in the mountains. When the avalanche comes, only three things can save them. Fate. Courage. And the will to live. WHO WILL SURVIVE? ISBN: 9780751539042 ISBN-10: 0751539042 Number Of Pages: 550 Format: Paperback Language: English
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Autor (s): Jack Drummond
Título: Avalanche
Langue: Español
Formato: Epub

Jack Drummond con Avalanche

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